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Welcom to CLUCK HOUSE, a pet rescue and care organization. Here on this site you will find the best recipes for pets of all types!

About the Cluck House Club

CHC 2003-4 when 2 girls thought they were being tortured by forcing to play together. One was American, the other german-american. Little did these 2 know they would be BFFs for life. Syd and Sar started CHC within the next few months and gave it a mascot- a little chick named Chicky.

A few weeks later, they started a feeding show called Chicken Feeding (recently changed to THE CLUCK HOUSE) and it was going great. Then Chicky died. They were very sad and searched for a new mascot. Rabbits. Chickens. Dogs. None seemed to fit. Then, on Syd's birthday, she received a truly unique pet. A female mallard duckling. They immediately set her as the mascot and raised the little orphan. Dukea became strong, but she could never fly because her wing was dis-functional. Although, Dukea followed Syd and Sar everywhere, and then her foster mother,  hen named Elise, took over at night.

Then, little more than 2 years later, Dukea was found dead outside the hen-house, neck ripped open by a marten. The CHC is still going strong, Dukea's flag still flows, and S n S animal Rescue is booming.

Thank you, Dukea. 


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